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Mommy Makeover Plus

Looking for more than just a mommy makeover?  We have the solutions you are looking for! Let us remove that muffin top, reduce those stretch makes, take away the lover handles, add fullness back to your breast, feel good inside and get that skin glowing again? We can do all that here at in our office at Adonia Med Spa.

HD body sculpting to shape your body, from removing that extra fat around the waist and then adding fat to fill your breasts naturally. We have skin resurfacing treatments for all skin types to reduce those stretch marks and tighten the skin. Combination therapies that will reduce cellulite and do spot fat reduction. Best of all we can optimize those hormones, thyroid metabolism and more to bring back the energy, drive that is starting to slip away.

We truly help you feel great inside and out by Creating, Transforming and Maintaining.

See us and design the mommy maker that is just for you!

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