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Liposuction of Stomach & Abdomen

Get a Slimmer Stomach Through HD Body Sculpting and Abdominal Etching

The stomach or abdomen is one of the toughest areas in which to lose stubborn fat. We are here to help you achieve your goals. BMI in not a factor in HD Body Sculpting using the Vibrastat hand piece with tumescent liposuction. We can help shape your stomach and along with a little weight loss can go a long way helping you in your goal. This safe effective alternative to the Tummy Tuck provides immediate results in removal of unwanted belly fat. This will decrease inches around the waist line, giving a boost toward success. If you are holding that baby weight and loose skin, look to see what we can do for you. Remember this procedure beside removing stubborn fat permanently, will tighten your skin, adding to a good feeling of success.

Even if you’re otherwise healthy and fit, the tight tummy and six-pack abs you’ve always dreamed of can seem unattainable through diet and exercise alone. If you work out routinely and live an active lifestyle but still can’t obtain the abs you want, Adonia Med Spa’s HD Body Sculpting and abdominal etching treatments using in office liposuction could help you achieve your ideal physique. You’ll feel more confident without flab holding you back—keep up with the kids, maintain a sleek summer body year-round, and improve your overall physique with a body sculpting treatment that removes your stubborn layer of belly fat.

So if tighter skin, virtually no down time, permanent fat removal and a shapely body is what you are looking for , get a free consultation with Dr. Robert Bynum.

Only One Treatment Necessary

Skin Retraction & Tightening

No Cutting, Cooling, Ripping

No Permanent Scarring

Fast Recovery

No Nerve Or Tissue Damage

HD Body Sculpting for the Stomach and Abs

HD Body Sculpting is a minimally invasive body contouring treatment that can help both women and men create the body they’ve always wished for through permanent stomach fat removal. Our expert physician, Dr. Robert Bynum uses the Vibrastat hand piece and along with tumescent style liposuction to permanently remove the stubborn fat cells in your belly, Since BMI is not a factor, we are able to remove large volume of fat safely in a single procedure. Imagine that spare tire, baby bulge, kegger, or pooch gone with one treatment.

Abdominal etching is fine tuning the abdominal area to sculpt the definition you want. For example, you can get a visible six-pack through ab etching once your stomach fat has been removed.

Our HD Body Sculpting treatment involves minimal downtime, little to no scarring, and no anesthesia, and it promotes skin retraction to stimulate tight muscle definition. Don’t worry about being out of action—most patients return to work within 24-48 hours, and you can pick your regular workout routine back up two to three weeks after treatment. Say goodbye to your exercise and diet resistant belly fat for good and reveal the tight, toned stomach you couldn’t get with usual weight loss methods.

Upper Lower Abs Before and After

The Benefits of Stomach Sculpting for Women and Men

Women know how tough it is to live in a society that overly scrutinizes the feminine form, especially when they’re carrying noticeable stomach fat. Belly flab is even more of a problem after pregnancy, which makes significant changes to a woman’s fat distribution and body shape. Permanently removing stomach fat with a sculpting procedure, can restore a woman’s youthful figure and leave her with a flat stomach that’ll make her excited for the next bikini season.

More men are starting to realize the advantages of stomach fat removal as well, such as a better golf swing when their gut isn’t in the way and improved endurance and flexibility with less weight on the joints. Stomach sculpting and ab etching can help middle-aged men lose the Dad Bod that replaced their formerly athletic physique.

Our patients, male and female alike, have reported great satisfaction with the numerous benefits of their treatment:

  • Improved self-esteem and body image
  • Tightened abdominal muscles and a toned six-pack appearance
  • Lost inches and stubborn fat for good
  • PA healthier, more active lifestyle post-treatment
  • Quick and comfortable recovery
  • Little to no scarring

The Best Candidates for Stomach Fat Removal

Everyone is a potential candidate for tumescent liposuction. Unlike procedure that freeze or burn and only remove up to 20%, this procedure can reach up to 70% fat reduction and tighten skin. You can that BMI is not a factor for permanent fat remove when you are using tumescent liposuction. The best part is immediate results and minimal down time, getting you back to your life feeling better about yourself..

The ideal candidates for stomach sculpting and abdominal etching are those with stubborn, exercise- and diet-resistant belly fat that keeps them from obtaining their ideal figure through traditional methods. Candidates should have less than 20% body fat and be in good overall health. If you have pre existing medical conditions or medical problems that could hinder your healing process, you are not a good candidate for body sculpting. Patients should also have enough time to recover after treatment.

Is HD Body Sculpting Permanent?

Stomach sculpting and abdominal etching treatments use HD Body Sculpting technology to permanently remove fat cells from your stomach. Because the body is unlikely to replace the fat cells removed during treatment, the results are lasting. HD Body Sculpting is not intended to be a substitute for weight loss, and patients who continue to implement a healthy diet and exercise routine experience the best results.

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You’ll feel more confident after we sculpt your slim, toned stomach with HD Body Sculpting and abdominal etching—show the world the six-pack abs you’ve been working for. Our gallery of before-and-after HD Body Sculpting pictures will show you examples of the natural-looking results you can expect. Schedule your free consultation today!

Treatment FAQ

What is HD Body Sculpting
HD Body Sculpting is a minimally invasive treatment used to naturally contour and shape the body, normally performed under local anesthetic without the need for an overnight hospital stay. We specialize in nonsurgical fat removal and fat transfer for both men and women. We’re proud to have experienced HD Body Sculpting experts performing each treatment, all of which are designed around the needs of the individual patient. Our HD Body Sculpting procedures are performed in Columbia, MO.

We tailor each procedure to the patient’s needs, meaning you’ll always have our full attention. We help determine the areas that will make the most visible difference in the sculpting of your new body shape. We work hard to ensure you receive the kind of results you want—whether it’s an athletic, masculine figure through liposuction or subtle, feminine curves with fat transfer.

How does body contouring work?
Body contouring at Adonia Med Spa is done without surgery, and there’s no cutting, ripping, cooling, or general anesthesia. Different from traditional liposuction, Tumescent liposuction has minimal risk, BMI is not a factor, and the “Vibrastat” technology promotes skin tightening . Body contouring is the most effective minimally invasive method of removing unwanted fat from your body. It’s suitable for both men and women and involves minimal downtime.
How does a fat transfer differ from traditional implants?
Unlike a traditional augmentation, in which unnatural, foreign objects are inserted into the breasts, our transfer uses only the body’s natural fat to deliver far superior results.

Not only are the breasts augmented, but the surrounding areas of the body are minimized, enhancing the body’s natural curvature.

The natural fat allows for restoration of volume in the breast tissue that naturally falls as a result of aging or pregnancy.
The transferred fat helps reshape the breasts in a way that looks and feels natural.

Does HD Body Sculpting hurt?
Our cutting-edge technology enables us to offer a minimally invasive treatment that, unlike alternatives, doesn’t cut, tear, heat, or freeze the surrounding tissue, nor do we implant foreign objects. We use a local anesthetic (or oral medications, according to your preference) to foster a relaxed state during treatment. Keep in mind that every person experiences pain differently, so our providers assess each patient individually to help maximize comfort during the nonsurgical procedure.
Is HD Body Sculpting Safe?
Our process for natural body contouring is so gentle that the procedure can be done with only oral medication and local anesthetic. This distinction eliminates all risks associated with other body sculpting services (including anesthetic toxicity, perforation, tissue damage, burns, and implant rejection) to offer a completely safe in-office procedure that minimizes potential complications.
Does the treatment require general anesthesia?
No, general anesthesia is not required. Our advanced treatment process is gentle and only uses local anesthetic and oral medication.
How many treatments are required?
Because our treatment removes unwanted fat effectively, only one treatment is required to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking result. During your free consultation, the Treatment Coordinator and your Provider will take your size and body contouring goals into consideration to determine whether multiple treatment sites may be beneficial for your specific needs.
How long does a session take?
How long an HD Body Sculpting session lasts depends on the number and size of the areas treated. Generally, the procedure takes around three to four hours.
How long does recovery take?
We utilizes the most advanced body sculpting technology and technique available, recovery time is minimal. Most of our patients are back to work within the next 24-48 hours. While alternative procedures have an average recovery time of two weeks, our patients return to their everyday activities within several days.
Will the treatment cause sagging skin?
Losing a significant amount of fat creates space between your skin and your muscular wall. With alternative body sculpting procedures, the skin is unable to successfully readhere to the muscle, leaving you with a loose, sagging appearance. Our treatment effectively stimulates tissue retraction and collagen synthesis, so it not only prevents hanging skin but promotes tightening to create a smooth, more youthful appearance post treatment.
Will the treatment cause scarring?
Our treatment is minimally invasive and only requires several freckle-sized entry sites. These small sites are undetectable upon healing.
What are the side effects?
HD Body Sculpting is the safest and most effective tool used for liposuction and body contouring. The procedure is performed with local anesthetic, minimizing the risks and side effects. However, meeting with your provider to review pertinent health history will ensure that the procedure is performed safely according to your body’s individual needs.
Should I try to lose weight before receiving treatment?
Because our treatment effectively stimulates tissue retraction and collagen synthesis, to avoid hanging skin, we always suggest you receive treatment before trying to lose weight. Many of our patients have felt reluctant to pursue treatment before weight loss only to discover that HD Body Sculpting has helped them continue to lose inches after treatment. Additionally, HD Body Sculpting has been shown to increase metabolism, putting your body into a state more conducive to losing weight post treatment.
What happens if I gain weight after my procedure?
Although it is highly recommended to try to maintain your weight after your treatment, it is possible to gain five to seven pounds before you notice any obvious change in the treated area.

HD Body Sculpting removes superficial fat and fat cells, and because the body doesn’t readily make new fat cells past puberty, the results are typically permanent. Therefore, mild weight fluctuation should go unnoticed as the extra fat is either immediately processed or evenly distributed around your body. If you maintain an active lifestyle with a healthy diet, your results will be permanent.

How much is HD Body Sculpting?
The price for nonsurgical body contouring varies depending on the number and size of the areas treated. We are happy to help you set up a free consultation to learn more about the treatment that is right for your needs and budget.
Are Adonia Med Spa - True Body Sculpting treatments right for me?
Our treatments are best suited for those with stubborn, distinct areas of fat around the body that won’t budge no matter how much you try exercising or dieting. When you lose weight, it is usually most noticeable in your face and upper body, leaving behind more resistant areas such as the hips, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen.

Fat distribution can be incredibly uneven, leaving some areas of your body more out of proportion than others. HD Body Sculpting helps adults of all ages, and it can treat most parts of the body affected by stubborn fat. It improves the balance and distribution of fatty tissue around your body for a more aesthetically pleasing profile.

Although liposuction can often provide very substantial improvements, it is not a weight loss technique or a solution for obesity. Any treatment should be viewed as a complement to a healthy lifestyle rather than a replacement for regular exercise and a healthy diet.