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Arms Before and After

Despite a healthy active lifestyle, the extra volume in her arms was an issue for her as she was training for her half marathon. The friction from her arms rubbing while running was causing her discomfort.

2 weeks prior to her marathon, she had her HD liposuction procedure completed.

The after picture is 12 hours after her procedure.


Upper / Lower Abs

After picture – 2 weeks after HD liposuction.

After years of working out, eating a healthy diet, and trying other “weight loss” programs, she could not lose the “tummy”. After the procedure, her stomach is FLAT—skin is tight—and she can see her toned stomach.


Natural Breast Augmentation with PRP

After picture 2 minutes after the procedure.

After raising her 3 children, it was time to give her the shape she had prior to babies. With a new husband and a fun summer ahead of her at the lake, she chose a natural augmentation with less downtime. Fitness is a large part of her life. She was able to return to the gym in 3 days.

Safe – Natural – Fat Transfer

Arms Before and After

63-year female—she wanted to wear sleeveless dresses and feel comfortable in clothes.

She works out and stays active. After the in-office liposuction procedure, she can see the results of all of her effort with working out.


Arms Before and After

Female – 64 years of age

After losing weight, she wanted her arms smaller and skin tightened. She loves the sun, floating on the river, and feeling confident in her clothing.

30 days after the procedure, she is elated with her “new skinny” arms.

Say goodbye to Bat Wings using in-office tumescent liposuction.